DaMa - Dance and media art network


Nordic / Baltic network of higher level Dance education institutions and New Media education institutions. It organizes annual courses, exchanges and workshops which take place in Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Latvia, Norway, Estonia and/or Lithuania. Dama is mainly supported by Nordplus funding (Nordplus Higher Education). Currently we have 14 members from 8 countries.



Previous workshops:

Dama 27: Space And Focalization In 360° Stereoscopic Spherical Film: Structuralist Perspective in Riga (Latvia), October 29-November 2, 2018. Documentation in Flickr

Dama 26: Dama @ Toortuumik in Virtsu (Estoni), June 4-9, 2018. Documentation in Flickr

Dama 25: Arctitsch Bliss in Rovaniemi (Finland), February 2018. Documentation in Flickr

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Dama was found in 2004 (with the official name c.t.d.n: creative technology and dance network), and it was based on some earlier projects and networks, which united contemporary dance with media technology. The network has focused mostly on educational institutions, although individual artists have worked as tutors, teachers and mentors in various workshops, and some collaboration has been done with small dance companies. Dama performances have mostly been situated in each institutions' facilities, ranging from studio black boxes to corridors, class rooms, storage rooms such as basements, and even bathrooms. Sometimes - even in winter in Lapland - the final performances have been on outdoor locations. We have also participated to some cultural events such as night of the arts in in Šiauliai, Festival "Hiljaisuus! Silence!" in Kittilä and Rovaniemi Design Week.


Originally Dama network was quite small, with 4-5 active members, slowly expanding from Nordic countries to include the Baltic countries. As of 2015, the Dama network has 12 partner institutions. Dama was initially coordinated by the Turku University of Applied Arts / Arts Academy of Turku, then by University of Lapland, and currently by University of Tartu / Viljandi Culture Academy. Our main way of working is to organize workshops, currently around 3 workshops in a year, hosted by our network members. Over 200 students, over 20 teachers and over 20 tutor / mentor artists or visiting teachers have participated in our workshops.


2005-06: Dama 1 - 3 one month exchanges for 15 students, who created a final performance in February 2006 in Turku. Photo set from the final performance and its rehearsals in Turku.
2007 June: Dama 2.0 workshop in Rovaniemi. Documentation
2008 November: Dama III - MOVSSI - Movement, space, sound, interaction workshop in Rovaniemi. Documentation
2009 May: Dama IV - Raflosti - a multimedia performance workshop as a part of the electronic art festival RAFLOST in Reykjavík. Video documentation of the final performances
2010 March: Dama V workshop in Tallinn. Documentation
2010 October: Dama 6 Participatory Performance / Game workshop in Reykjavík. Documentation
2011 June: Dama VII - Physical Gaming, Performing Space and Media workshop in Visby. A Video documentation of one of the two games.
2012 February: Dama 8 - Outdoor snow / ice / dance / media performance workshop in Rovaniemi Video documentation
2012 June: Dama 9 Workshop White noise in Viljandi. Documentation
2013 March: Dama 10 Workshop Symbols Maze in Riga. Documentation
2013 May: Dama 11 Workshop Sarabande Undone in Copenhagen. Documentation.
2013 May: Dama 12 Workshop Illusions in Šiauliai
2013 November: Dama 13 Workshop in Tallinn. Photos
2014 May: Dama 14 Workshop Performing Archives in Malmö. Documentation.
2014 May: Dama 15 /RAFLOSTi Workshop in Reykjavík. Documentation.
2014 November: Dama 16 workshop "Playces" in Visby. Documentation
2015 January: Dama 17 workshop "Scan" in Copenhagen. Documentation can be found in our Vimeo channel.
2015 June: Dama 18 workshop "Hiljaisuus! Silence!" in Kaukonen in collaboration with the Hiljaisuus -festival. Documentation of the final performance (village walk) in Youtube.
2015 November: Dama 19 workshop "Error variations" in Viljandi. Documentation
2016 January: Dama 20 workshop "Dilemma" in Tallinn. Documentation
2016 April: Dama 21 workshop "Rhizomatic narratives in Riga. Documentation
2016 October: Dama 22: Our Gruesome Heritage in Håøya island (Norway).
2016 November: Dama 23: Surrogates in Šiauliai (Lithuania). Documentation
2017 April: Dama 24: The Singing Body in Réykjavík (Iceland). Documentation
2018 February: Dama 25: Arctitsch Bliss in Rovaniemi (Finland). Documentation in Flickr
Vimeo documentation (1), (2), (3), (4)
2018 June:

Dama 26: Dama @ Toortuumik in Virtsu (Estonia). Documentation in Flickr
2018 October: Dama 27: Space And Focalization In 360° Stereoscopic Spherical Film: Structuralist Perspective in Riga (Latvia). Documentation in Flickr


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Dama presentation slides at the Elia conference in Ghent, 2006

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Selected videos and photo sets from our various workshops.


Photos from workshop 26, Dama @ Toortuumik festival in Virtsu
DAMA @ Toortuumik


Photos from workshop 25, Arctitsch Bliss in Rovaniemi
DAMA Rovaniemi / Arctitsch bliss

Videos from Arctitsch Bliss:


Photos from workshop 24, The Singing Body in Réykjavík
DAMA Reykjavik / The Singing Body


Photo set from workshop 23, Surrogates in Siauliai
DAMA Šiauliai / Surrogates


Photo set from workshop 21, Rhizomatic narration in Riga
DAMA Riga / Rhizomatic narratives of a virtual orb


Photo set from workshop 20, Dilemma in Tallinn
DAMA Dilemma / Tallinn 2016


Photo set from workshop 19, Error variations in Viljandi
DAMA Viljandi / Error variations


Documentation video of the final performance (a walk through the village) in Hiljaisuus Festival, 2015


Just one video out of many from the final performances of Dama 17 in Copenhagen, 2015


Photos from the Dama 16 workshop in Visby, 2014
DAMA Visby


Photos from the Dama 15 / Raflosti workshop in Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík, 2014.
Dama 15 Raflosti


Dama 14 documentation from Medea @ Malmö University, 2014.



Photos from Dama 13, Tallinn 2013.

Dama Tallinn


Dama 11 documentation from The Danish National School of Performing Arts, 2013.


Dama X documentation from Riga Teacher Training Academy, 2013.


Dama 8 documentation from Rovaniemi outdoors performance, 2012.

Dama 8 workshop description


Dama 7 documentation (Purganauts - the game). University of Gotland, 2011.


Dama 5 documentation (Sushi makes me happy), Estonian Academy of the Arts, 2010.


The dama 5 workshop description


Dama 4 documentation. Iceland Academy of Arts, 2009.

The dama 4 workshop description